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Tandeef specializes in conducting cleaning campaigns for popular events, festivals, exhibitions, and national holidays. Our versatile and experienced team performs mechanical and manual sweeping and litter picking services at high-density gatherings, to keep venues clean and in pristine condition. We have provided our services at events such as Sharjah Light Festival and Dubai Design Week, and at celebrations for Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, National Day, and New Year’s Eve.


Tandeef provides uninterrupted emergency services around the year. With the help of a specialized team and rapid response vehicles, Tandeef cleans roads and areas where emergency situations are identified. Accident debris, dead animals, damages caused by extreme weather conditions, tyres, trees, sand, oil, and automobile parts are removed on an urgent basis from highways and roads.

Tandeef has a dedicated hotline where concerned government bodies or the public can share the information and location of the emergency. In adherence to legal protocols, a specialized team is dispatched to the location, and services are performed according to the nature of the incident.

Sanitization & Disinfection Services

Tandeef has invested in advanced disinfection equipment for indoor and outdoor spaces, and has procured a ready supply of municipality-approved disinfectants. We develop customised plans with our clients, for recurring and scheduled disinfection services based on their needs.

These include:

  • High touchpoint cleaning
  • Fogging disinfection for closed areas and outdoors
  • Mass disinfection with spray cannons
  • Surface disinfection and deep cleaning
  • Disinfection around buildings
  • Disinfection Pods

For more information on this service, please visit us at the following link:

Street Cleaning & Litter Picking Services

Tandeef provides efficient and effective public cleansing and city cleaning services to maintain the hygiene, cleanliness, and overall appearance of public spaces.

Our team of uniformed workers operate according to fixed schedules and designated routes. Their services include manual litter picking, emptying & cleaning of litter bins, and manual sweeping along roads, streets, sidewalks, residential and commercial areas, parking spaces, public transport stops, roundabouts, open public greeneries, areas around mosques, and more.

Tandeef was the first in the region to deploy a fleet of low-noise, emission-free, electric vehicles for city cleaning services. This includes our electric litter picking unit, developed by Ducati Energia, which is capable of handling up to 200kg of waste, and can reach a speed of up to 50km/hour. This unit also increases the efficiency of our operations and offers our workers shade from direct sunlight, in line with occupational health standards. The Ducati electric mobile waste collection units operate across main and internal roads, streets, and sidewalks.

Mechanical Sweeping Services

Tandeef provides mechanical sweeping services through specialized mechanical sweeper and vacuum vehicles which efficiently remove debris and waste along roads. These vehicles also transport the collected waste to a designated disposal point.

We also utilize autonomous electric sweepers, which have built-in sensors as well as innovative recognition and navigation systems to follow its human operator. This electric unit delivers 10 hours of uninterrupted operations and can be safely used in urban areas.

Street Washing Services

Tandeef offers mechanical and manual street washing services, through advanced vehicles which spray pressurized water jets on roads, walkways, pavements, pedestrian underpasses, market areas, road grills, jogging tracks, bike lanes, bridges, and other outdoor areas. We also provide tunnel washing services.

Desert Cleaning Services

Tandeef offers desert cleaning services using electric desert cleaning vehicles which possess offroad capabilities to ensure the hygiene of desert areas and enable environmental protection. Collected waste is stored in the cargo bed of the electric vehicle and disposed at the end of each shift.

Lagoon & Shoreline Cleaning Services

Ensuring pristine waters, Tandeef utilizes solar-powered water cleaning boats to collect up to 20kg of waste per day from the surface of lagoons and shorelines.

Beach Cleaning Services

Tandeef provides beach cleaning services to prevent marine pollution, and to keep beaches clean for visitors. We use mechanical and manual methods to remove waste and keep these areas clean for the safety of the public.

Municipal Solid Waste Collection Services

Tandeef is the trusted partner of cities and commercial establishments with a longstanding reputation for excellence and best practices. We deliver scheduled, compliant, and efficient municipal solid waste (MSW) collection services; which are essential for maintaining public health and environmental protection. We provide this service for residential buildings and compounds, educational institutions, government buildings, places of worship, and more.

We also provide commercial waste collection services to renowned organizations across the UAE, helping them to meet their sustainability and social responsibility mandates diligently.

Recyclables Collection Services

In line with our mandate to promote sustainability and a culture of recycling, Tandeef provides specialized recyclables collection services for cities and commercial establishments. The collected recyclables are then transported to BEEAH’s Waste Management Complex or the nearest sorting and recycling facility, to be recovered and reintegrated into the economy. We provide this service for residential buildings and compounds, commercial establishments, educational institutions, government buildings, places of worship, and more.

Construction & Demolition Waste Collection Services

Tandeef provides specialised construction & demolition (C&D) waste collection, upon request, using vehicles equipped with wheel loaders and skid steer loaders.

Bulky Waste Collection Services

Tandeef offers tailored bulky waste collection services for municipalities and commercial establishments. Bulky waste refers to all unwanted items that are too large or heavy to be easily disposed of in a waste collection bin, such as discarded furniture, large appliances and more.

You Call, We Haul

To assist UAE residents with the disposal of waste that might be too heavy or bulky to carry, Tandeef provides ‘You Call, We Haul’, a service dedicated to the collection of such types of waste. Residents of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah can now avail of this exclusive service, by scheduling a driver to pick up the waste items through the BEEAH mobile app, or by calling the toll-free number 800 YCWH (9294).

Green Waste Shredding & Collection Services

Tandeef offers green waste shredding and collection services upon request. This service includes the collection of leaves, branches, and other garden waste generated by residential and commercial establishments.

Agricultural Waste Collection Services

Tandeef provides animal and agricultural waste collection through a specially trained team, capable of handling such waste with the necessary precautions. Animal and agriculture waste includes animal carcasses, fallen stock, animal waste and more.

Bin Care Services

In order to keep bins clean, operational, and in presentable condition at all times, Tandeef provides consistent bin care services. All of our bins are RFID tagged, which allows us to use geo-referencing to keep track of our inventory.

Bin Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

Bins are cleaned and inspected on a regular basis, with preventive maintenance carried out whenever necessary. Defective and damaged bins are repaired or replaced during inspection, or on receiving a complaint; within a response time of less than 24 hours.

Bin Washing Services

To maintain general hygiene and reduce pest contamination at our waste collection points, Tandeef carries out bin washing services periodically. Rear-loading or side loader automatic washers are used for mechanised washing, while external cleaning is carried out using cold water hydro-cleaning vehicles. When intensive washing is required, the bin is taken to Tandeef’s facilities; where water jets, disinfectants and degreasers are used to thoroughly sanitize the bin and ensure public safety.

Bin Supply and Bin Movement

To meet the growing needs of the public and city expansion projects, Tandeef supplies bins for new areas. We also ensure that damaged bins are promptly replaced; and closely monitor the movement of bins through geo-referencing to ensure that they are easily available & accessible to the public.